Primary CLIL websites


Primary English Resources:

This is the BBC schools website which has materials for all school subjects:

Channel 4 Teaching and Learning for Primary school subjects such as maths and science:

Enchanted learning has pages for science:

Kids Health website with materials on how the body works:

Woodland Primary School is a fantastic website which has history, geography, and science materials:

Children's University of Manchester:

Excellent Primary maths and science website which is available in all European languages:

British Council website has materials for CLIL and children:

Some useful clips for CLIL with ready-made lesson plans and materials:

Great website for learners to use:

This has websites for a variety of school subjects at Primary level:

This is a useful qwebsite for learning vocabulary in all school subject areas:


Oxford University Museum of Natural Science:

Designed to stimulate the imagination about science and technology. Provides science resources for primary and secondary school students and their teachers:

You can find materials for teaching science, biology, etc at this website:

PhET Interactive simulations to demonstrate a variety of science facts:

This website has easy-to-do experiments for your learners:

Excellent science website for Primary learners with very clear explanations:

Photosynthesis explained for children:

The Photosynthesis Song:

Free educational science videos for young learners:

Learn science words:

Learn words for the digestive system:

Learn words for the body:

CHEM4KIDS has materials you can use for introducing basic chemistry such as elements, the Periodic Table, atmos and matter:


Fun and games with maths:

Mental maths for kids:

Here is free mathematics software for learning and teaching. It has interactive graphics, algebra, spreadsheets, and free learning materials from elementary school to university level:

Fun maths exercises for all levels:

Maths games and fun for elementary and middle school level learners:

Song for Order of Operations: BEDMAS:

Songs about mathematical shapes such as circles, triangles, trapezoids:

The National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics is sharing teaching expertise at Primary level in English schools:

Song about circle, radius, diameter:

The Polygon Song - a song about a boring square wanting to be a polygon:

Learn numbers:

MathAntics has funny videos with clear explanations - great fun:

Math Salamander has printable worksheets for all levels from 1st to 7th grade:


For history materials and ideas visit history for kids at:

History materials for learning about children in Victorian England:

History materials for learning about the Vikings:

History vocabulary:


Learn the words for the Continents, Oceans and Europe:

Geography song about the countries of the world:

Geography song about the solar system:

The watercycle song:

The seasons song:

The planets song:

A wide range of geography and geology topics such as volcanoes, water, dinosaurs, and others:

How to make a vinegar volcano - a fun science experiment:

If you come across other websites that would be useful to share with other teachers, please email me at