Primary English Lesson Materials is for Primary learners of English aged 7 - 11. It is suitable for Beginner and Elementary levels, and some of the materials can be used with the early years of Secondary school.

The book contains 135 pages of ready-made photocopiable materials to use with your classes. The materials have been trialled and tested with learners and Primary teachers on training courses from all parts of Europe, and include activities such as:

  • picture dictations

  • mime crossword puzzles

  • the Shopping Game

  • picture ordering tasks

  • find someone who

  • memory games

  • TPR activities and rhymes

  • picture word searches

  • the Identikit Game

  • collocation quizzes

  • word and picture matching tasks

  • the Categories Game

  • animal sudoku

  • picture pronunciation practice

  • jumbled letter games

  • word search boxes

  • songs

Topics such as clothes, food, the body, shopping, furniture, animals, classroom objects, numbers, prepositions of place and the weather are covered in more than 40 units of materials that are designed to help learners understand, use and remember the language. There are over 350 original drawings to illustrate meaning and a description of 26 different games that can be played with them.

The Teacher Notes provide suggestions on how to introduce and exploit the materials, language and pronunciation notes, language for doing the activities, and ideas for further practice. A comprehensive word list of all the vocabulary items in the book is available on the website.

The CD ROM that comes with the book has 28 Powerpoint presentations and 14 sound files to accompany various units of the book.

This is an invaluable resource book for all Primary teachers of English.

ISBN: 978-0-9559461-6-5

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Here is a downloadable copy of the Word list for the book, showing all the words arranged alphabetically and with page reference numbers: