Total Physical Response for Primary English is for Primary learners aged 7 - 11. It is suitable for Beginner and Elementary levels, and in some cases can be used with the early years of Secondary classes.

The book contains a brief introduction to the theory and practice of TPR, and 130 pages of photocopiable teaching materials that make learning English a fun and memorable activity.

Topics such as animals, food, numbers, colours, everyday actions, sports, jobs, prepositions, festivals and celebrations are covered in 46 units of action-packed materials that are designed to help learners understand, use and remember the language. Crossword puzzles, collocation quizzes, memory games, and mime crosswords are provided for revision purposes.

There are over 600 original drawings to illustrate the meaning of all key vocabulary items, and a comprehensive word list is included.

The Teacher Notes provide suggestions on how to introduce and exploit the materials, pronunciation notes, ideas for further practice, and guidance on using the materials as part of drama activities.

The CD ROM that comes with the book has 44 Powerpoint presentations and 44 sound files to accompany each unit of the book.

An invaluable resource book for all Primary teachers of English.

ISBN: 978-0-9559461-5-8

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