These are websites that are useful for all teachers:


This award winning website literally shows you how to do everything you ever wanted to do with your computer, whether it is to create a wiki, make a blog, find out about twitter, find the best podcasts and website, etc: is a tool which gives you the ability to download videos from all the major video sites :

You can also download video files here:



TEFL clips for language teaching with ready-made lesson plans and materials:

Draw a Stickman - this is fun for learners:

Search this website for extracts you can use with your learners:

Use this website so you can watch youtube extracts without the distractions that surround the video:

Look for video materials for your subject or topic at

Breaking News English: Select from current and past news items and download numerous ready-made worksheets to use with learners, using the themes index to find items that will interest your learners:

SONG LYRICS: This website provides gap-fill texts of song lyrics at different levels of difficulty. The song continues when learners type in the correct word. Use the search buttons to find the song you want:

ENGLISHCENTRAL: This website has 10,000 video clips for learning English. Choose a topic and a level, watch the video with subtitles, learn the key words, watch again and fill in the gaps in the text, speak the lines and get feedback on your pronunciation. It is free to start, then you pay:

ESLVIDEO: This website has ready-made quizzes/comprehension questions on video extracts. You and your learners can also create your own comprehension questions to go with video clips including ones you and your learners make after uploading them to youtube:

TED Ideas worth spreading is a website with over 1,000 talks each lasting 15 minutes on all subjects, plus translations of the talks and English subtitles - great for listening practice: Here are some interesting examples:

"Do schools kill creativity? by Sir Ken Robinson:

"Bring on the learning revolution!" by Sir Ken Robinson:

This is a great website resource for teachers and learners. It contains fascinating stories on all topics for learners to explore by listening and reading:

Learn English by watching TV series, documentaries and films, all with English subtitles:

This free website adapts to the individual learner to provide perfect reading passages and questions at their level! Watch the introductory video to see how it works and what it enables teachers and learners to do:


This website provides numerous Graphic Organizers to help learners brainstorm, group, categorise and remember key vocabulary items, as well as structure writing projects and plan their studies:

WORDCLOUDS: Find ready-made wordclouds or create your own for a topic you want learners to explore. You can choose the shape, colour and font. Learners can also create them for their own presentations. Go to or

MIND MAPS: Learners will enjoy this website where they can create their own mind maps very easily and share them with others:

This website allows you to download a free programme for making crossword puzzles on your computer:

Puzzlemaker allows you to make crossword puzzles, word search boxes, jumbled letters, and other puzzles, including 12 maths quizzes:

Here you can create free crossword puzzles which your learners can solve online:

EDUCAPLAY is a multimedia platform to create multimedia teaching activties. It does not need any software and can be used on any device. You can create your own activities for learning with attractive professional results. It can be integrated with other learning platforms:

This website offers ready-made bingo cards and allows you to create bingo cards for your own topic:

Study Flashcards for all subjects, as well as interactive matching activities, crosswords, hangman and other study/revision games. Sign in and create your own games for your learners:

Make and share flashcards with definitions for science and other subjects:

More than 14 million vocabulary learning activities for all topics and school subject areas created by teachers, so it is probable someone has created exercises for your school textbook:

Jeopardy: JeopardyLabs allows you to create a customised jeopardy template to play the game online from anywhere in the world. It is easy to build and fun to play with learners - you provide the answer and they have to think of the question:

ArmoredPenguin allows to make a variety of language puzzles for learners:

Use, create and adapt a range of interactive learning materials. Watch the introduction and look at the examples:

Socrative allows you to devise educational exercises, games and tests for your learners so they can use them on their smartphones, laptops and tablets, and the results are sent to you: Watch the Introductory video.

To make the game "Who wants to be a millionaire", as well as other games, you can download the materials at:


Breaking News English provides you with up-to-date news texts for both reading and listening at different levels with ready-made exercises:

This website turns texts into gap-fill texts automatically - you specify which type of words you want to delete - or you can make cloze texts with gaps every 5th or 7th word etc:

This is a great website resource for teachers and learners. It contains fascinating stories on all topics for learners to explore by listening and reading:


VOICETHREAD: Use voicethread to record comments on pictures, tell a story, explain a process, give a tutorial, have a group discussion:

See how it can be used inside classrooms as well: Here is a useful tour of how teachers can use voicethreads:

Learners can record spoken homework tasks and send them to you by email:

VOKI This website allows you to create and customise your own speaking character to express yourself and communicate and interact with others: For example: Here is a tutorial on how to create a voki: Here is an introduction to creating and using a voki classroom:

VOXOPOP is a voice-based e-learning tool used by educators all over the word. Create talkgroups that are a fun and easy-to-use way to help learners develop their speaking skills and have conversations. They are a like message boards but they use their voice rather than text. Teachers and students can intereact from even or even from other sides of the planet:

VOCAROO is an online voice recorder allows you to record your spoken messages, save and download them, as well send them to someone or embed them in other media: For a simple and clear demonstration of how to use it watch the youtube demonstration:


Correcting written work: JING allows you to give 4-5 minutes of audio-visual feedback (free) on your learners' written work. Research has shown that learners prefer this kind of feedback to just written feedback are are prepared to watch and listen for up to about 10 minutes. Excellent for giving feedback on exam-type writing tasks. You upload your feedback then send the link to your learner in an email. The learner opens the link and listens to and sees you doing the feedback. There is also a Russell Stannard video on how to go about it (see the top of this page for the link to his website). You can upgrade (i.e. pay) for more storage space and time for the feedback if you need it:

SCREENCAST-O-MATICalso allows you to give written and spoken feedback on written work in a video (see the description above for JING):


This is the BBC schools website which has materials for all school subjects:

See the section for teachers where there are classroom resources, activities and lesson plans:

The BBC website also has a revision page containing activities and materials for school subjects called Bitesize:

BBC Learning zone with clips for all subjects, all topics, at both primary and secondary level:

Channel 4 Learning: school subjects at Primary level plus useful video clips:


The TES website of teacher resources is the largest network of teachers in the world where you can download lesson plans and resources for all levels and types of learners:

TED ED has thousands of lessons in all school subject areas:

Website of lesson plans and resources for teachers of English, Maths, Science and Arts subjects:

The Guardian Teacher Network has over 70,000 pages of free teaching resources for all age groups and all major subjects, including interactive whiteboard activities, lesson plans, and worksheets:

Etwinning for schools in Europe:

This is a website for teachers which has 3,400 videos about classroom teaching, as well as classroom resources:

This is a must website for all language teachers - worth joining to access the 1000's of materials:

Khan Academy: a free library of over 3,200 videos of 12 minute lectures on everything from maths and physics to history and economics, to help you learn whatever you want to learn, plus there are lesson worksheets and learners can do tests online and you can see their results:

Pearltrees is a visual tool that allows you to cultivate your interests by collecting, organising and sharing with others all the URLs, texts and pictures you find connected to a topic:

Use Learnist to share what you know and learn new things. Create Learn Boards on topics you understand and add learnings by pointing to videos, blogs, images and documents on the web:

Collect and display your lesson content and what your learners produce throughout their school lives:

This free website works like Facebook and allows you to turn your classroom into a community - watch the introductory video to see what you can do with it:

This website gives free access to teacher training videos and tools you can use:


itunes U - Learn anything, anytime, anywhere:

Try over 600 free online courses from The Open University. Available from introductory to advanced level, each takes between 1 and 50 hours to study:

Here are more than 1,000 free university courses you can do in a wide range of subjects:

Here are free online courses from leading UK and international universities :

UDEMY has 12 million students and over 40,000 courses for you to study almost anything. Some are free, some you pay:

EDX has free courses to advance your career with world famous universities and colleges:

TEACHER ACADEMY offers professional development opportunities for teachers through onlline and on-site courses:


To find out how to do anything, get instructions on it and maybe watch a video on how to do it, go to these two websites and type in what you want to know: first there is wikihow at and also there is ehow at:

INSTRUCTABLES gives you a series of pictures and text on how to construct anything:


An online visual dictionary for subjects and topics:

Online language dictionaries: can also be downloaded as an App on your smartphone.

Immediate definitions of words in a text in any language: load a website text address into the lingro website and it will recognise and define words in the text in any language you want just by moving the cursor onto the word - great for reading stories online:

Macmillan's excellent and free dictionary of English:

This website translates words in context using real-life sentences:

This website gives access to The British National Corpus and allows you to investigate how words are used:

This website is useful if you want to see which of two words or phrases is more frequently used:

A free online Talking Dictionary of English Pronunciation:

Website that turns text into speech:

Website that reads text with different accents:

This website allows you to create and customise your own speaking character to express yourself and communicate and interact with others: For example: Here is a tutorial on how to create a voki: Here is an introduction to creating and using a voki classroom:


ELTPICs is a collection of thousands of copyright free photographs created by language teachers:

Creative Commons is a nonprofit organization that enables the sharing and use of creativity and knowledge through free legal tools.This includes pictures, sound and videos:

All Free Clip Art is a website with free clip art images:

Classroom Clipart a great source for free clipart for students and teachers:

This is the largest collection of royalty-free clipart, photos, illustrations, fonts and sounds offered by subscription:

This library consists of about 3000 images which are useful in the teaching of basic vocabulary in a variety of languages:

This is the Internet Picture Dictionary:

This website allows you to draw stick figure drawings:

This is a visual dictionary for subjects and topics:

This is Discovery School Clip Art:

Information on copyright

For more information on copyright and licensing go to:


Linoit allows you to link pictures, videos and texts via sticky notes on a noticebard:

Popplet helps you take notes and organise ideas in the classroom and at home:


This free educational website allows you and your learners to create interactive posters and presentations you can customize for your class:


Use this website to make your own powerpoint slides more interesting, memorable and inteactive:

Here is an example of how a Swiss teacher used it to do a presentation on remarkable similarities between the assassination of President Lincoln and President Kennedy:

Here is an example by a Spanish teacher who uses prezi to introduce an 8 minute film called "The Mantis Parable":

NOTE: If your email address is the same as your school website address, you can sign in and get 4 gigabytes space for FREE!



Website for teachers and learners that helps you to produce concise and dynamic presentations. You can choose how many slides are used and how long each slide appears:

Here you can find ready-made presentations on all subjects with clear explanations, or you can use their tools to make your own:

This website allows free facilities for learners to make booklets/presentation slides about themselves and topics, and for teachers to create lesson presentation slides:


Use voicethread to record comments on pictures, tell a story, explain a process, give a tutorial, have a group discussion. You and your learners can also choose to record yourself with the video camera while speaking:

See how it can be used inside classrooms as well: Here is a useful tour of how teachers can use voicethreads:


Create your own videos and slideshows with your own words and music soundtrack: There is also a free version for teachers:

When you sign up, if your email address is the same as your school website address, you can join for FREE! Click here:

See how to make your first Animoto film here:


This website allows you to make your own cartoon strips:

Create your own comic strips - easy and fun:

This website allows you to make your own animated movies:

This website allows learner to create cartoons and make the characters speak the words they write, or they can record their own voices for the characters:

This website is a tool for creating animated movies. Select characters and add dialogue:


This website allows your class to vote and make decisions online - watch the introductory video:


WOLFRAM ALPHA is an engine for computing answers and providing knowledge. It works by using its vast store of expert-level knowledge and algorithms to answer questions automatically, do analysis, and generate reports. The long term aim is to make all systematic knowledge computable and broadly accessible: It can be used to ask questions and produce reports on every subject.

Watch the introduction video on what it can do:

Watch the demonstrations:

Times Educational Supplement. Check out the teacher forums too – free sign-up:

To share, access and synchronise your files you can use Dropbox at or you can use